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The gift that keeps on giving

Parental Alienation: Effects on Adult Children

Are you an adult survivor of Parental Alienation Syndrome? How has it impacted your life? What are the psychological symptoms for adult victims of PAS?

There have been numerous studies related to psychological and emotional effects adults who have a history of PAS suffer. Scholars agree the symptoms of PAS may be severe and life-lasting. There are several symptoms experts agree will significantly impact the adult victim.

· Depression

· Anxiety

· Low self-esteem

· Substance abuse

· Inability to trust

· Difficulty appropriately expressing anger and accepting others expressions of anger

· Difficulties forming and maintaining healthy relationships

· Divorce

· Conflict with authority figures

These are only some of the symptoms of the devastating effects PAS has on many adult victims’ lives.

Please check back with us next week for things you can do to protect your child from PAS.

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