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Built On Integrity

We pride ourselves on customer service excellence. Each monitor has a supervisor that is readily available if you have questions or concerns. We are easy to reach and quick to respond. Please contact us via phone or email and we will review our services and answer any questions. We know that understanding the role of the monitor and what to expect at the visit is essential. We also routinely speak with attorneys. Before the first visit, we will forward paperwork via email that must be completed. All face-to-face visits for parenting time must be at least 2 hours in duration. We do ask for a one-week notice to schedule a monitor, but if you need someone sooner, contact us and we'll make every effort to meet your scheduling needs. 

Please inform your attorney that you are working with Supervision Monitors. In our experience attorneys often have questions about our services and we are prompt in responding to their calls. We understand time is of the essence when it comes to children.

The development and implementation of the parenting plan is the responsibility of the parents in conjunction with their attorneys and the court. We are not parenting time coordinators and require the details regarding time and place of visits to be agreed upon by both parents prior to working with us.

"I strongly recommend Supervision Monitors LLC as a neutral, unbiased third-party company to supervise parenting time in high conflict divorce or custody cases."

Rachel Issacs, Esq.

"Truly a breath of fresh air to have a company as responsive and professional as Supervision Monitors." Helen Durkan, Esq.

"The reports provided by Supervision Monitors are informative, helpful, and concise."  

Joshua Freeman, Esq.


Partnering with Attorneys

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