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What is supervised parenting time?

Divorce is hard on kids.

In the U.S. over 50% of marriages end in divorce. Each year over 1 million children are affected by the divorce of their parents. Courts generally prefer children spend equal time with both of

their parents, however, if the safety and wellbeing of a child is of concern, a judge may determine supervised parenting time is necessary.


"It is my pleasure to convey my strongest 

support for Trish Caruana and Supervision Monitors, LLC. Ms. Caruana’s primary concern

was the emotional and physical safety of my grandson. We appreciated the experience, professionalism, and competence she brought to our case, and recommend her without qualification".


Lily Mirels, DMD, Ph.D.

Westwood, NJ

The Process

Request a Supervised Visit

Review Details Of The Visit

Schedule Visit

Monitor Is Assigned

and Introduced

Custodial Parent Brings Child To the Visit

Monitor Escorts Child To The Non-Custodial Parent and Supervises the Visit

Report of Visit is Shared With The Attorneys

Family courts try to protect the best interests of the child

from any physical, mental, or emotional danger by the parent. 

If a parent’s behavior indicates possible child abuse, mental disability, or drug or alcohol addiction, the court may decide parenting time must be supervised. The length of time required for supervision varies.  


When supervised parenting time is required, a monitor is present during the entire time a child and parent are together. The monitor observes the behaviors and interactions of the parent with the child and intervenes, if necessary, to ensure the child's psychological, emotional, and physical safety. While some people attempt to use a family member or friend as a monitor, it becomes quickly obvious that bias can be a significant factor.

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