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There's no love like the love of a dad

Non-custodial fathers have challenges that are unique to their situation. Although it has changed in the last few years, courts are more likely to give custody to the mother in about 80% of the cases. Courts can be biased against men when awarding custody. In the American culture, women have always been considered superior parents. And while this notion persists in US family courts, it does not change the fact that baseless and unjustified bias against men could constitute gender discrimination.

Many fathers believe they need to do big, exciting things with their children to show them how much they love them and keep them wanting to come back for more visitations. However, Fathers are starting to realize that what their child really wants is to have quality time with them.

There are many activities you can do with your child during visitations. Here are some ideas.

1. Have a picnic. Even inside picnics are fun!

2. Go to a library and read together

3. Watch a movie (on occasion)

4. Play outside and teach them the games you played as a child

5. Be silly and laugh a lot

6. Color

7. Sing

8. Play board games and cards

9. Take a lot of pictures of you and your child and make a collage so your child will always have great memories of the things you have done together

These are only a few examples. So, be creative and come up with your own ideas for activities. Most importantly, don’t forget to ask your child what fun things they would like to do and plan activities together.

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